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The International Pediatric Stroke Organization, IPSO, would like to engage with the community of affected patients and their families, other caregivers, friends and advocates. Read below for more details on how to get involved with IPSO.


As a non-profit organization we rely on philanthropic funds to reach our mission and vision. Click on the Donate icon below to send us a donation through PayPal.

Contact us if you would like to discuss other possibilities of donating to IPSO.


Sign-up for the IPSO Kid Stroke Connections newsletter that will be sent out on a quarterly basis. The newsletter will include the current issue of IPSO Kid Stroke Connections.

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Become a Contributor

The IPSO Editorial Board is looking for non-medical members to join the IPSO Editorial Board or volunteers to write content or create graphics for IPSO Kid Stroke Connections.

The IPSO Editorial Board oversees the development and publication of the IPSO online news periodical, IPSO Kid Stroke Connections. As a member of the IPSO Editorial Board, you will help develop content ideas, invite writers and illustrators to write articles and review and edit articles to ensure the content is medically and scientifically accurate and meets the required sensitivity and reading level proposed in the IPSO Editorial Board Charter. The IPSO Editorial Board meets on a monthly basis. All members of the IPSO Editorial Board must be an official member of IPSO.

Another way to get involved with IPSO Kid Stroke Connections is to volunteer as a writer or illustrator.

Contact us if you like to help with IPSO Kid Stroke Connections!